Christmas Markets

by | Sep 30, 2020 | News

Many of our food artisans and crafters depend on Christmas Markets and Craft Shows for their livelihood.  With many of these shows being cancelled we would like to make an extra effort to advertise where our customers can Buy Local and support our artisans.  Here are some ways you can find Christmas Markets near you to shop at or to sell at:

Alan McLeod of Birdie Adobes has a fantastic comprehensive list on his website.  The list is by date and includes contact information.  You can find the list here:

Family Fun has also put together a great list of markets and craft shows.

Find the Edmonton area list here:

Find the Calgary area list here:

For Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market the Alberta Ag site has a searchable feature on their website.  Look toward the bottom right and you will find a clickable box that says filter by type.  Click Christmas and the markets will be sorted for you on the map.

Alberta Ag also has an app where you can sort by market type.  

Get the IOS app here:

Get the Android version here:

Get out and shop local this holiday season!!