FAQ: Insurance

Please note: to qualify for vendor insurance you must be a member of AFMA who sells at an Approved Alberta Farmers’ Market.

Is it mandatory for a vendor to have insurance?

Currently it is not mandatory although many markets do require it. Great rates on insurance are one of the benefits of membership. To take advantage of this rate you must have a valid AFMA membership.

Some information on the importance of our insurance from Western Financial Group 

Insurance is all about risk sharing. With no insurance the risk is all with you.

When a person’s actions result in an injury or damage to others, the law generally provides that the insured be held financially responsible. An example of this could be that you are a vendor and you have a tent set up outside at a market.  There is a terrible windstorm and the tent (which you had anchored down) blows away and hurts someone or damages a vehicle you would be responsible for the damages to the person or the vehicle as you are the owner of the tent.   If you had insurance with Western Financial Group your liability insurance would cover the loss. If you had no insurance you would have to pay for the damage out of pocket. This could be a small claim or a large one and if you did not have insurance your assets could be depleted to cover the costs of the lawsuit.

For a small annual premium you would have the peace of mind .  If you have a valid AFMA  membership and would like more information please contact Western Financial Group.